Face lift

Apart from misconceptions about what a facelift actually is, patients are oblivious to the various types of facelifts available in present day. A facelift procedure should follow the concept of “matching the solution to the problem”. A facelift should be equal to the extent of a patient’s age, recovery choice a patient opts for, anatomic facial aging and the amount a patient is willing and able to pay. All these are taken into account while choosing the type of facelift a person may require. Nowadays, facelift procedures go by various names that are originally a marketing technique. They can be classified into two types: full and limited facelifts. The latter is the most well-known and marketed today. It also goes by various names such as lifestyle lift, scar lift, quick lift, MAC lift and many others. Nevertheless, by the end of the day they all mean the same thing.



A limited or mini facelift is a cut down modification of the full facelift where the scar (incision) is confined to the front of the ear and the size of skin raised and trimmed off is restricted to the front of the ear and the jowl area.

facelift and necklift


In a majority of cases, liposuction is performed when dealing with the limited facelift. This in turn produces an amiable change in the jowl and upper neck regions that require only a short time to recover, usually, less than a week. This procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure and under twilight anesthesia. Normally, it is best used on younger individuals who exhibit early signs of ageing with a small amount of jowl and neck issues and older individuals who need a full facelift to get the best result, who does not want to undergo a full facelift for medical or other reasons. The patient must be willing to agree to a trade-off; a result less than what a full facelift would bear.

Neck lift

As days go by age catches up with us and this is accompanied by loss of elasticity by our skin. The neck area in particular is affected and being among the most conspicuous areas of our body there are those people who go for a neck lift to rectify the situation. The neck lift; considered as a minor surgical procedure, entails the removal of excess and sagging skin from the neck. This procedure gives the patient a radiant and youthful look. At times, a surgeon resort to a liposuction if necessary or an alternative such as a Botox injection. No matter the method used, the objective is always the same; give the patient a youthful look.

Neck lift cost

The average cost of a neck lift as per a survey on real self is $7,075.

There are various neck tightening procedures that enhance the firmness of the skin. These are: Exercises, avoiding abrupt weight gain or loss and creams. These are examples of neck lift without surgery. The aforementioned methods tighten neck skin without having to undergo neck surgery.